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Today many women are looking for vegetable hair dyes because they consider them more natural and therefore more delicate. This is not always true: plant dyes are usually not able to color the entire hair evenly, but merely give it colorful reflections. Vegetable dyes are extracted from plants, are not allergens and/or irritants but have a limited range of colors. Once applied, the plant dyes bind to the hair with weak hydrogen bonds, so the color given has a temporary and non-permanent resistance. Henna is an example of vegetable dye: it is a dye plant substance that can give dark hair a red-orange coloration with coppery reflections, while on blonde or light hair produces red-carrot reflections. Another plant substance used as plant dye is AZULENE or 4.5,7 trihydroxyflavone, which is extracted from chamomile by squeezing the flowering tops. The azulene is a reflector for blond or light hair. The third dye-dye plant dye is INDACO, which is extracted by maceration from plants belonging to the Indigofer family. The indigo itself gives a blue coloring; This is why it is used in association with henna in order to give the hair a red-brown reflection. The molecule responsible for the blue coloration is the indican, which in turn through hydrolysis origin wearsile, which will be oxidized to form the indigo.

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